Scrimshaw - The LaBelle
Scrimshaw - The LaBelleScrimshaw - The LaBelleScrimshaw - The LaBelle



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Learn about Maritime Trade and Exploration.


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Art In History’s artifact replica is a sperm whale tooth from the time of great sea-faring activities such as whaling, exploration, and trade.  Known artifacts from this era were made by whalers and/or sailors who were out at sea for extended periods of time.  During sailors idle time, scrimshaw art was done utilizing crude sailing needles and other instruments. These tools were used to scratch, or etch, imagery into a sperm whale’s tooth.

The motif provided is the La Belle.  The La Belle was the ill-fated ship of the French explorer Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle.  The  La Belle shipwrecked in 1686, and was discovered in 1995 in Matagorda Bay in Texas.  The remnants are now in the Bullock Museum in Austin, Texas. 

This kit includes: replica, sponges, disposable paint pallets, paint, Sutter’s Fort motif, and FREE lesson download. Lesson contains: history of the artifact, history of the time period, full color map, designs & motifs, and step-by-step decorating instructions.  

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