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Our Project Within A Project


In Civilizations and Cultures throughout the world, there are those persons, places, or things that have risen to historical heights that deserve special recognition.  Our Monument Project provides for that individual recognition by allowing the user to project the special background of that person, place or thing directly on their own monument creation.

The Monument Project is user friendly by providing the participant a tracing mechanism for placing the picture on the monument.  It also allows the instructor to challenge the participant in doing their own research or following a fact sheet provided with the project.   Those facts are then printed in pencil by the participant directly on the monument.  Finally, the participant seals the entire monument with a special sealer provided with the project where everything on the monument remains forever.

*This kit includes: The Monument project includes the monument pottery replica, two paint plates, paints, sealer, sponges, and decorating package.  Decorating package includes a tracing template, decorating instructions, and fact guide.


EDU116 The Monument

A short instructional video showing how to decorate Art In History's The Monument project.

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