US Constitution Classroom Package
US Constitution Classroom PackageUS Constitution Classroom PackageUS Constitution Classroom PackageUS Constitution Classroom PackageUS Constitution Classroom PackageUS Constitution Classroom Package


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Monument Project Classroom Package

Throughout history, there are those worthy of special recognition for their contributions to humanity. The signers of the Constitution of the United states are worthy of special recognition as the founders of our Nation and for their contributions to our culture.

Our Monument project provides a creative, artful means of recognizing our cultural heroes while educating the user regarding those special and significant contributions. Each project includes a fact sheet which details each signer's accomplishments and encourages further research and learning by the user. The project's user traces a likeness of the chosen signatory onto the monument; then transcribes detailed facts about the subject's achievements and contributions onto remaining portions of the monument. 

The Signers of the us Constitution Classroom Package Includes

  • The United States Constitution - Full Text & Supplementary Materials
  • 39 Monument Replica Student Kits
  • 39 Fact Sheets for Each Signer of the Constitution
  • 55 Biographies for All Delegates & Signers
  • 39 Motif Transfers of Each Signer with Decoration Instructions
  • Painters Tape for Transfer Templates
  • White & Gray Acrylic Paints
  • High Gloss Clear sealer
  • Pack of wet Wipes 


Each Monument Replica Kit Includes:

  • A Monument Replica
  • Painting Sponges
  • Paint Pallets
  • Craft Paper 


You will receive a total of 41 Monument Replica Student Kits with everything you need for only $299.

EDU116 The Monument

A short instructional video showing one way to decorate Art In History's Monument project.

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