Children Of The Holocaust
Children Of The HolocaustChildren Of The HolocaustChildren Of The HolocaustChildren Of The Holocaust


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Is Bullying, Intimidation, Social Marginalization, or Lack of Empathy a Challenge for your School or Classroom?

Create a moment of reflection for the student through our "Tribute to the Children of the Holocaust" project.


“I want to go on living even after my death”…Anne Frank


The “Tribute to the Children of the Holocaust” is giving voice to Anne Frank and the other 1 million plus children who perished at the hands of a state sponsored genocide using the context of weather related disasters occurring yearly in this country.


It occurred because individuals, organizations, and governments made choices that not only legalized, but promoted prejudice, hatred, and ultimately mass murder.  Students will understand the dangers of remaining silent, apathetic, and indifferent in the face of oppression of oneself or others.  Students will understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping in any society.  Students will develop an awareness of the value of pluralism and the necessity of acceptance of diversity in a pluralistic society.  All exposed in an art form, and accompanying material. The project will end with a special moment of reflection that will be both powerful and memorable.

Each classroom set includes:

  • 30 Project Kits
  • 30 Tracing Templates
  • Power Point Presentation(Printed & Digital Form)
  • Teaching Guide(In Script Form. Provides Homework Assignment)
  • Paints
  • Clear sealer
  • Pack of wet wipes
  • Moment of Reflection: Each student will receive biographical information of one of the children who perished in the holocaust.


**For the moment of reflection, select how many of each gender you would like up to a quantity of 30.  Please notate this quantity in the comments section of the shopping cart.

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