Maya Empire - Cooking Pot (200 BC-900 AD)
Maya Empire - Cooking Pot (200 BC-900 AD)Maya Empire - Cooking Pot (200 BC-900 AD)


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Learn how the Maya became the most advanced Central American society.


Art In History's replica is an example of a Maya cooking pot. Maya art was expressed through the various mediums of architecture, mural painting, relief, sculpture, carving, ceramics, and pottery. This lesson covers the Maya empire, 200 BC - 900 AD.

This kit includes: 5.75" x 2.75" ceramic cooking pot replica, paint brush, sponges, disposable plates, craft paper, paint, and FREE lesson download. Lesson contains: history of the artifact, history of the time period, full color map, designs & motifs, and step-by-step decorating instructions. For a full classroom experience, please purchase our comprehensive Teacher's Guide shown below.

EDU017 Mayan Cooking Pot

A short instructional video showing one way to decorate Art In History's Mayan Cooking Pot replica.

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