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This reusable guide covers the American Revolution from 1763-1788 and such key people as King George III, George Washington, Thomas Paine, James Madison, and Samuel Adams. It  is to be used in conjunction with the American Revolution Teapot (EDU 101). Tea became the largest and most valuable commodity exported by Britain, which made tea-drinking popular in North America. The basic shape of the teapot is thought to have been derived from Islamic coffee pots and Chinese wine pourers. They were usually globular, or oval-shaped, with a spout and a handle. Eventually, the British government began passing taxes on specific goods, including tea. Americans disagreed with these taxes, and boycotted many goods. Everywhere the slogan was heard: "No taxation without representation!" Taxes led to the Boston Tea Party, the closure of Boston Harbor, and the arrival of even more British troops in America. Patriots were encouraged to abstain from tea drinking or find alternatives to British tea. Local teas brewed in Revolutionary times were known as "Liberty Teas."


Guide Features

  • 4 or 5 - 50 minute lesson format
  • Sustains student interest through the use of colored maps, timelines, pictures, and group discussions
  • Content Area Includes: English-Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Fine Arts
  • Contains reading passages, literary skill builders, real world research projects, thought provoking writing prompts, and math problems
  • CD-ROM containing Maps, Motifs, Decorating Instructions, "Did You Know" Facts, and other appropriate visuals.
  • Correlated to Common Core and National Standards (Grades 3 - 12)
  • 50+ pages of core content presented in a cross-curricular format
  • Developed on the principles of project-based learning and differentiated instruction

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