"I love your program, but I just don't know how I can afford it for my classroom."


Art In History would like to make the following suggestions regarding funding sources and solutions. Many are already available in your education community,  funding is closer than you think!

Grant Writing Help

We understand funding is sometimes difficult to acquire for supplemental programs.  We also know that grants are very time consuming to write.  Therefore, we have created a Culture Diversity Grant template for educators who would like to use our projects. The template simplifies the grant writing process and only takes minutes to complete.  Please contact us today and we will send you a copy of the grant template that includes coorelations to your state standards.

Student Funded

How many times have parents been asked to send in $10 or more to fund a field trip? For around $7.50(including shipping), Art In History can transport your students to different cultures without ever having to leave the building. We have created a Field Trip form requesting parent participation for an in-school field trip for their child where they will explore ancient civilizations, exotic cultures, or long extinct empires.

Click here to download a sample parent letter in Microsoft Word.

Donors Choose

A limited number of our projects are available from Nasco.  Nasco is a certified vendor partner of Donors Choose.org.  You can create a project on DonorsChoose.org to get funded from donors all over the country.  If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Interdisciplinary Classrooms

Art In History's Interdisciplinary programs can be taught in several classes simultaneously so that schools can share budget costs with the English, Art, Science, Social Studies, and other department budgets.

Purchase Orders

We give 30-day terms for all school Purchase Orders. Please note a copy of the Purchase Order form must accompany the order. See Terms and Conditions.


Art In History provides a free sample and catalogs to any parent organization that would like to fund our program, or use it as a fundraiser. These organizations may purchase our product for classroom/school use and re-sell to the parents, or assist with funding the product by splitting the $6.95 cost per student with the parents or school funds. Products also can be featured for Family Night events, Art Shows, or any other school event. Showcasing the students work is a great way to engage the whole family!

Outside Grants

Over the years, many outside grants have been used to procure our products.  The following grants qualify for Art In History's programs due to the content of our lessons. The following list includes some of the agencies or departments through which Art In History projects have or could be funded.


Call 1-866-278-5481 or email us info@artinhistory.com today for more details!

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