These student kits are individually packed and perfect for Home School students, small class settings, and other small group applications.

Individual Kits are priced at $11.95 per item plus shipping costs. (See Shipping Policy)

Please note: Large Home School groups or Co-op’s are more than welcome to purchase at the bulk rate of $6.95 when ordering quantities of 18+ of a specific item.

Individual kit includes:

1) Basic Teacher's Guide Download - FREE with purchase (History of Artifact, History of the Time Period, Full Color Motifs, Map(s), and Step-by-step decorating instructions).
2) The Pottery Replica.
3) Individual acrylic paints packaged inside the student kit in convenient paint pods.
4) Sponge(s) to paint the basecoat. *
5) Paintbrush for detail painting. *
6) 2-Paint palettes.
7) Craft paper (for sketching and to protect the desk or table).
8) Individual box for convenient storage.
*projects vary depending on decorating technique used to finish.

Take the educational experience to the next level, with an in-depth unit study.

Check out our Teacher's guides that includes a 4-5 day lesson format, with hours of instruction, appropriate for grades 3-12.
  • Content Area Includes:  English-Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Fine Arts
  • Developed on the principles of project-based learning and differentiated instruction
  • Filled with research-based, rigorous content, such as interesting and challenging reading passages, literary skill builders, real world research projects, thought-provoking writing prompts. Activities support increased comprehension and retention of content.
  • Sustains interest through the use of colored maps, timelines, and pictures
  • Includes CD-ROM containing Maps, Motifs, Decorating Instructions, Did You Know Facts, and other appropriate visuals.

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