How It Works


Art In History (AIH) creates hands-on, brain-based kits that include comprehensive lessons and activities which are aligned to a general mix of Common Core & National Standards for Grades 3-12. Each unit is developed and unified around a historically significant artifact, time period, or piece of art that is substantially tied to many subjects (ELA, Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Fine Arts).

AIH recreates the artifacts/pieces of art in our manufacturing facility, resulting in individual certified replicas of the actual artifact or piece of art. The replicas are then packaged into individual “Student Kits” for the students to begin the learning process.

The pottery replica serves as a teaching tool throughout the entire program of study as the teacher is instructing the students on the content. AIH’s lesson plans inform, enlighten, and guide the educators through interactive interdisciplinary teachings of a variety of content areas which include geography, vocabulary, language, arts, math, literature, humanities, sports, and religion while at the same time allowing the students to learn by replicating a 3-dimensional artifact. Once the program of study is complete, each student has a decorated replica of an actual artifact, or piece of art, which serves as a reward and constant reminder of the information they learned.

AIH products and teaching methods supplement existing curriculum and easily merge with already implemented educational programs. The overall goal is to provide additional support to ensure that students are learning skills needed to be successful on their grade level assessment.

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