The Common Core & State Standards


Art In History’s artifact replicas align perfectly to the Common Core Curriculum as a primary source. Our projects cover a majority of cultures and time periods. Discover this gateway to the past by utilizing a hands-on methodology in interdisciplinary education.


The NCSS and Art In History continues to promote the importance of Social Studies in student curriculum.  Understanding the demands of the Common Core, as well as the cost of Professional Development, we are offering a unique opportunity for NCSS participants.


Art In History will donate, without obligation, its products to any School District conducting Social Studies Continuing Education programs.


Here’s How It Works:
  1. The Curriculum Director, Director of Social Studies, and/or District Level personnel can request program specific material to be sent to the District.
  2. Art In History will supply the District presenter with the appropriate amount of material based on number of participants, and will provide guidance and direction for its use.
  3. The material supplied will include all the necessary components for each participant to create a historic artifact replica, a copy of the Common Core Correlations (suitable for copying), a project appropriate Power Point, History of the Artifact, and suggestions for use within the classroom(s).
  4. All shipped to your door, FREE…


Contact Us today to take advantage of this opportunity!

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