Art In History, Inc. (AIH) provides effective, engaging, and UNIQUE professional development EXPERIENCES, not just sessions! Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Standards-based Experiences for all English-Language Arts, Social Studies, and Fine Arts Related Content Areas
  • Using Project-Based Learning In The Classroom
  • Using Hands-On Activities and Lessons For Instruction In Your Teaching American History Grant Program
  • Implementing Skill-Based Creative Projects Into Your 21CCLC Program
  • Using Historic Artifacts As An Engagement Tool Into Curriculum
  • Using Manipulatives To Enhance Instruction

Sample session titles include:

  • Bring To Life Novels From English-Language Arts' Required Reading Lists
  • Motivate Your Students With Project-Based Learning
  • Inspire Your Teachers To Have Fun TEACHING Again! -- Through Hands-On Team Building Projects
  • Using Artifacts As An Engagement Tool Into Social Studies Curriculum
  • Using Artifacts As An Engagement Tool Into Science Curriculum
  • Using Artifacts As An Engagement Tool Into Fine Arts Curriculum
  • Using Artifacts As An Engagement Tool Into English-Language Arts Curriculum


WWII, Genocide, and Holocaust Studies Professional Development Session

AIH is honored to offer the Award-Winning Professional Development Experience:

"The Butterflies of Terezin": An Artistic Approach to Teaching Holocaust and Genocide Studies

This is a full one day, hands-on teacher training session on holocaust and genocide studies. Participants will be creatively instructed on the eight stages of genocide, the Nazi Holocaust, and other holocaust movements and figures. In addition to a rigorous program of study, participants are introduced to many actual artifacts from the Nazi Holocaust, including stories, letters, post cards, etc. The program is offered in three different versions; elementary, middle, and high, and has adjusted readability levels for each. This project explores the ghetto Theresienstadt and the endurance of the human spirit as exemplified by a teacher and her students through the butterfly, and details surrounding the Nazi Holocaust and WWII. Through the study of "The Butterflies of Terezin", participants will dig deep into the eight stages of genocide, learn about holocaust movements, and explore a variety of research references. All participants will leave the session with an abundant supply of quality instructional materials for use in their classrooms.

Teaching Bullying Prevention & Tolerance Professional Development Session for Teachers and Administrators

If you have questions or would like to schedule a Professional Development please call 1-866-278-5481 or email
If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss our Professional Development Experience options, please call 1-866-278-5481.

*AIH customizes every Professional Development Session to meet the needs of our clients.

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